*GMC-SPC2: SPC700 Module [#m41fb37d]

A module mounted with an SPC700 sound chip.~
A successor to GMC-SPC, its design is based on the OPN3L module.~



**Features [#m101f075]

-''Authentic SONY SPC700 (S-SMP+S-DSP)'', the PCM sound chip used by Super Famicom (SNES).((This product is a module to be used with a GIMIC motherboard, and not an SNES cartridge/peripheral.))~
'''(Unlike in our other modules, SPC700s are acquired through desoldering from second hand Super Famicom circuit board and hand picked for stable operation)'''~

-''Faster transmission'' through over-clocking, made possible by newly designed circuitry.~

-''High clarity of sound'' attained through abundant use of high grade electronic components.

-''Digital output capability'' when used in conjunction with the SPDIF module (GMC-OPT02), to attain even clearer sounds.~

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