G.I.M.I.C Master's Collection vol.1 / GMC-M001

We dedicate this album to all FM lovers...

Hear the pure-blooded FM sounds

Know the true potential of FM synthesis

The DVD features full digital recording with high sampling rates that has never been attained by sound track albums recorded from the original hardware!

*This is not a DVD-Audio but a data DVD containing audio files.
*Currently available only inside Japan.

  • Cover Art

*If you are using Windows XP and can't play the WAVE file with Windows Media Player,
visit here to install Legacy HD Audio Filter.


Track listing

01.Ichiban no takaramono (Yui ver.) ---------------------------------------wani
  from "Angel Beats!" (soundchip: OPN3L)
02.Little Braver -----------------------------------------------wani
  from "Angel Beats!" (soundchip: OPNA+PPZ8)
03.My Soul,Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.) ---------------------------wani
  from "Angel Beats!" (soundchip: OPNA+PPZ8)
04.Crow Song ---------------------------------------------------wani
  from "Angel Beats!" (soundchip: OPNA+PPZ8)
05.Flash! Flash! Flash! ---------------------------------------keigo
  from "Bosconian for X68000" (soundchip: OPNA)
06.Stage1 -------------------------------------------------------kid
  from "Metal Force" (soundchip: OPNA)
07.GADGET'S VISION - OPNA Version for G.I.M.I.C - ----------Yantako
  original song (soundchip: OPNA)
08.Running Boy's 2012 ------------------------------------Gacha-Bomb
  original song (soundchip: OPM)
09.I thought of covering Esper Dream but ended up with Nicol (´・ω・`) --------------------EXP
  Esper Dream / Ai Senshi Nicol (soundchip: OPM)
10.the inner world -----------------------------------------Sentaro
  original song (soundchip: OPN3L)
11.Out All -operation aurora- ------------------------------Wiz.
  from Super Daisenryaku for Genesis (soundchip: OPNA+PPZ8)
12.Eiga - Sharp fang -----------------------------------------I.C.KaZe
  original song (soundchip: OPM)
13.cold -------------------------------------------------------Tappy
  original song (soundchip: OPM)
14.Blue Complex ------------------------------------------Robokabuto
  original song; lyrics written by spriie (soundchip: OPNA+PPZ8, vocals: Kagamine Rin ACT1)
15.Random Encounter ----------------------------------------Wiz.
  original song (soundchip: OPNA)
16.Psychic700 ---------------------------------------------------K->
  original song (soundchip: SPC700)
17.Main Theme ---------------------------------------------osoumen
  from Kumatanchi (soundchip: SPC700)
18.Hiru no okugai nite ---------------------------------------------osoumen
  from Kumatanchi (soundchip: SPC700)
19.sidewalk never ends --------------------------------------osoumen
  original song (soundchip: OPM+PCM8)
20.Yorozuya Johnny ------------------------------------------takemo
  original song (soundchip: OPN)

Data formats

The disc contains 3 files for each song, differing in audio data format. (WAVE 96kHz/24bit, AAC 256kbps, and MP3 320kbps)

添付ファイル: fileGMC-M001_Demo.zip 222件 [詳細] fileGMC-M001_Demo.mp3 1085件 [詳細] fileGMC-M001_small.jpg 1124件 [詳細]

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