• G.I.M.I.C motherboard, modules, and other G.I.M.I.C products (hereafter collectively referred to as G.I.M.I.C) are copyrighted by G.I.M.I.C Project. You may not replicate, modify, reproduce, or distribute G.I.M.I.C in whole or in part without permission from G.I.M.I.C Project.
  • G.I.M.I.C Project disclaims any responsibility for damages or loss arising out of or in connection with the use of G.I.M.I.C.
  • Specifications and appearance of G.I.M.I.C are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • Connecting G.I.M.I.C to any hardware not designed or manufactured by G.I.M.I.C Project may cause malfunction or damage to the hardware, in which case G.I.M.I.C Project refuses to offer any customer support.
  • You may not reverse engineer G.I.M.I.C, or otherwise attempt to derive structural framework thereof.
  • You may not publish any data or information obtained through unauthorized analysis of G.I.M.I.C, either by means of online media (including websites, blogs, BBSes, Twitter or other SNS, and file sharing services) or offline.
  • G.I.M.I.C is designed for use within Japan. G.I.M.I.C Project does not offer any support for use outside Japan, nor assume any responsibility for damages or loss arising thereof.
  • When operating G.I.M.I.C without a case for protection from outside environment, care should be taken to keep circuitry or components from such accidental contact as may cause damage to the hardware.


  • If the customer is within Japan, products with initial defects may be reported within a week of receipt for returning or replacement. (If you are outside Japan, try contacting the store you have acquired G.I.M.I.C from, as the store may or may not provide support.)


G.I.M.I.C Project
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