GMC-OPLMN 'FMTrinity' is mounted with two sound chips, YMF297 and YM2151. A successor to our GMC-OPN3-L, this module covers a wide range of sound synthesis.



  • Comes mounted with authentic YAMAHA sound chips, YMF297 (OPL3+OPN3) and YM2151 (OPM).
    This enables GMC-OPLMN to act as an OPL, OPM, or OPN module, covering a wide range of sound by itself. *1
  • Cost-effective and high quality on-board DAC. By replacing the obsolete YAMAHA DAC with a leading-edge, readily available high class DAC, the module attains a purity of sound that comes even close to direct digital output, at the same time achieving a significant cost reduction.
  • Digital output capability when used in conjunction with the optional S/PDIF module (GMC-OPT02/04), to attain even clearer sounds, whether GMC-OPLMN is in OPL, OPM or OPN mode.
  • The integrated digital attenuator automatically compensates the difference in sound level between the two on-board sound chips.
    This enables hassle-free listening experience without annoying variation in sound level. *2

*1 OPL/OPM/OPN can't be used simultaneously.
*2 This function controls only the output volume through DAC; the digital output volume through SPDIF module is not affected.

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