A module mounted with an OPM(YM2151) sound chip.

OPM is an eight-channel, four-operator FM sound chip.
It differs from the OPN series in that it has hardware LFO and the DT2 parameter.*1
These grant OPM a wider range of sound creating possibilities.



  • Authentic YM2151, the FM LSI from YAMAHA used by SHARP X1*2 and X68000*3, as well as various arcade game systems and digital synthesizers.
  • High clarity of sounds attained through abundant use of high quality components and extensive revision to the original board design of the 80s to meet the modern standard.
  • Variable clock rate that can be set to anything within the module's operating frequency (3MHz-4MHz). This first-in-indie-hardware feature enables a highly faithful emulation of arcade game sound systems, whose clock rate is not always uniform.
    Clock rate gets instantly adjusted at the start of each song.

3 MHz


4 MHz

  • Ability to be remounted with another sound chip which is pin-compatible with OPM, such as YM2164 (OPP). The IC socket makes the replacement quite effortless.*4

*1 OPNA does have hardware LFO, but it's somewhat rudimentary compared to that of OPM.
*2 To use G.I.M.I.C as an external sound source for X1 emulation, you can connect two or more G.I.M.I.Cs to your PC for more faithful reproduction.
*3 G.I.M.I.C with the USB-controlled firmware does not play ADPCM sounds; they are played with the PC's sound card instead.
*4 Mounting OPP will not bring any change to the module's function.

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