GMC-OPN3L: OPN3-L Module

No longer manufactured; to be replaced by a successor model with an incorporated DAC.

A module mounted with OPN3-L (YMF288-M) sound chip.

OPN3-L has 6 FM channels, 3 SSG channels, and 6 rhythm channels.
It lacks OPNA's ADPCM and CSM voice synthesis mode.



  • Authentic YMF288-M (OPN3-L) FM LSI. This sound chip is roughly equivalent to 86 SoundBoard of PC-98 or PC-88 SoundBoard II without PCM/ADPCM.*1
    Compared to these SoundBoard, OPN3-L
    • Lacks ADPCM
    • Lacks CSM speech synthesis
    • Lacks General Purpose I/O
    • Lacks individual outputs for FM and SSG*2
    • Lacks PCM synthesis of 86 SoundBoard*3
  • High clarity of sound made possible with top grade parts specifically designed for the puropose. The module can keep the level of the noise in the signal much lower than built-in sound systems of gaming hardwares or home computers. One can obtain even clearer sounds in combination with our DAC module (GMC-OPT01; discontinued) and/or SPDIF module (GMC-OPT02).

*1 Later models of PC-9821 employ YMF288 as the successor to 86 SoundBoard.
*2 While OPN/OPNA has individual outputs for FM and SSG, OPN3-L mixes both signals into one single output with fixed ratio.
*3 86 SoundBoard has an individual sound chip that processes PCM, apart from the FM chip.

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