A module mounted with an OPNA (YM2608) sound chip.

OPNA has 6 FM channels (4 operators each), 3 SSG channels, 6 RHYTHM channels, and 1 ADPCM channel.



  • Authentic YM2608B FM LSI, the sound chip from YAMAHA used by PC-88/PC-98 series.
  • ADPCM synthesis which the module handles all by itself with its 256KB DRAM.
  • Variable FM/SSG mix balance that can be set to any ratio. The first indie hardware*1 to be equipped with this ability, this module can play song data for multiple environments, retaining their original volume balance.
  • Variable clock rate that can be set to anything within the module's operating frequency. This feature enables a more faithful emulation of arcade game hardware with YM2203 sound chip.
  • High clarity of sound attained through abundant use of high grade electronic components. Even for parts that do not directly affect sound quality, we have employed the best components for the optimal reliability. For example, we have lavishly used expensive round pin IC sockets designed for SDIP, rather than leaf spring sockets, which are much cheaper but more apt to degrade over time and thus liable to cause contact failure.

*1 As of Jul. 2011.

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