GMC-OPT02: Digital Output Module for OPN3-L

This module enables direct S/PDIF digital output from OPN3-L. You can feed the signal into any external DAC of your choice and pursue the best end results.



  • Ultimate sound quality that surpasses any other emulator. This module draws digital signals directly out of FM LSI, so the purity of sound is at the very highest. Also, software emulators can not faithfully recreate the original sounds, since they calculate waveform with a bit depth lower than the hardware sound chip.
    To what sound card the digital signals are feeded will make some difference (though slight) in the quality of resulting sound.
    We recommend using an external DAC (when playing) or audio card (when recording), instead of PC's built-in sound card.
     an example of a recording interface: RME Babyface
     an example of a playing interface: AUDIOTRAK Dr.DAC2DX
  • Up- and down-sampling: with its sampling rate converter, the module can output the signals in the frequency of 44100/48000/55466/96000Hz.
    The 96kHz frequency is recommended.
    Signals from the FM LSI are in 55466Hz/16bit.

The pictures below show the bit statistic while in 96kHz mode and playing no sound:


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