List of Sound Chip Modules

The sound chip modules that can be installed to G.I.M.I.C motherboard are listed below. Click for further descriptions.

添付ファイル: fileGMC-OPLMN.jpg 501件 [詳細] fileGMC-SPC2.jpg 491件 [詳細] fileGMC-OPT03.jpg 692件 [詳細] fileGMC-xxx.png 1118件 [詳細] fileGMC-OPNA.jpg 818件 [詳細] fileGMC-OPN3L.jpg 842件 [詳細] fileGMC-OPM.jpg 843件 [詳細] fileGMC-OPL3.jpg 814件 [詳細]

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